Simple put, you donít need to time in order to play duel and duel isnít timing. If you happen to hear and read about timing again and again, come across guides like this and you worry, then DONíT. There is nothing to worry about. The only thing you have to understand and worry about, which many CA players complete miss, is that in duel most of the time you canít take fights with your initial health. You need to have minimum 100-100 and the proper weapons. You need to always care and keep trying to get armours and mega. You need to not get excited immediately after you manage to pick one and rush like mad for a fight. Yes you did well, but your opponent might still be above 150-150 and you still have to pick a good location and moment for the fight and you still need to dodge and aim well. These are the primary reasons of failure and not timing. As a matter of fact the vast majority of ppl who play duel donít time.

Even at the very top level there are ppl that donít always time or donít time well. tox, k1llsen and cypher are few examples of such players (cypher though stepped up his timing lately to a very good level). Spart1e is imo the most phenomenal millisecond timer, which comes in contrast with his lifestyle. Rapha claims to time 4 items, which I personally find it too much and redundant (not to mention hard to believe). Iíve heard of nobody claiming 5, which was suggested in this funny thread.

As far as online concerns, from my own experience I can tell that at least 60% donít time at all. From the remaining 40% no more than a quarter (10%) time more than 1 item and no more than half (20%) time well. These numbers are a very generous estimate. In reality the number of ppl that time must be much less. Also, someone that times OK will have much harder time winning vs someone that times well, than someone that doesnít time at all.

Anyway, this thread is a respond to timing guides. IMO timing is a nice addition and skill to the game. It helps, but is not a necessity. What is a necessity is to constantly care about your and your opponentís stack. Even that can sometimes be bypassed in maps like ztn with some ďgoodĒ +back and camping (good aim is a must for that though).

You donít time, no worries. You only like the fighting aspect of ql and you donít care about competition, then you would enjoy better some other mode.