This is a copy of a post I made a bit ago on the QL suggestions forum, someone suggested I post it here as well - this is my first post on ESR so please forgive me if it's formatted poorly or something.

Since Steam has free-to-play titles now, and I've just started using Steam due to the awesome sales they've been having (Getting Quake 4 today to try duel in it), I was thinking perhaps Quake Live could get more exposure if it was released on Steam. How would this be done for a browser game? Well I was thinking it could just be embedded in a little IE render frame based application, or, with a pre-setup Mozilla Prism sort of thing, that would just connect to Quake Live in a nice little window, and let people access the forums and support system etc. Include the normal QL download data in the download from Steam, so people feel like their getting everything. I think it would be a good way to expose Quake Live to new (and potentially paying) players. Perhaps with the Steam game item sale system, Quake Live Pro and Premium subscriptions could be offered through that method for Steam customers as well. I'm not sure about how Steam features or accounts might come into play, but seeing as I had to register separately with EA to validate my Alice Madness Returns cdkey after I got the game, I don't see why people couldn't just be prompted through the Quake Live account creation process.

I realize some users could find this idea a bad thing, do we really want more inept players who rage because they haven't taken weeks, months, or years practicing this game? I think more players is more of a benefit to us then a detriment, and any growth for QL, even if it is new players trying to learn strafejump, is a good thing.

I would love to see something like this someday:

Just think of the millions of FPS players on Steam that would see that. Would they all try QL? Probably not, but a good number of them surely would.

Just some thoughts, I know it could be a challenge to do a thing like this right, and Steam might not even allow for it, but I think it would be a good way to expose Quake Live to more players, and by the same token, to expose more players to esports and competitive twitch action FPS games. A good thing for all Quakes and Quake players, and other arena games as well.

Happy New Year!