I'll keep it short.

Software is surprisingly cool, but a lot of options I see that would just screw up your aim. This includes the Steelseries "Freemove", "ExactAim" and "ExactAccel". I just put them all to zero. The profiles thing is really nice, especially seeing other players settings too.

The look of it is pretty cool, definitely different. Lights are nice.

Clicks feel decent, side buttons do too, but the mouse feet feel like it's scratching on my mousepad. I use a Puretrak takent.

Tracking seems to be fine on the pad, yes there's some mouse prediction. I don't know about positive accel, my sens isn't really low enough to find that out. I could test it if you really want.

I'm returning it because of the weight. This thing is fucking heavy compared to a wmo. I used it for ten minutes, and I tried the wmo after, and my aim felt better if anything. I could flick easier and lg fights felt a lot better. A lot easier to aim left and right.

I'd keep the mouse if it was lighter, but who knows. I'll pick up a kana next and try that. Then the Kinzu v2 pro.

Post any questions you guys have, I'll post mspaint lines from any dpi and polling rate you want.

EDIT: SteelseriesEngine.exe is taking up 130MB of RAM and is making my system act funny. Awesome.

EDIT2: It can be closed. So that's nice.

I really have to praise Steelseries for the software. I have lots of options, but most importantly, I can write those settings to a profile saved on the mouse, and those settings are there regardless what pc I plug it into. As someone who's had to put a WMO to 500hz at tournaments, I've seen my fair share of bullshit for me, and others. This is an extremely nice change, and I really hope they implement that software into their other mice.