You really are a piece of work Michael "mickzerofive" Jenkins. So few times in my life have I met such vindictive, spiteful, self-centred, selfish little weasels such as you that you deserve a real dressing down for your handling of this situation. Allow me to take the liberty.

You have a crackpot idea to host people in the shithole that is Adelaide. Nobody really seems interested in going to this "pimp pad" try-hard vomit pile, but the alternative suggestion by me is warmly welcomed. So I embarrass you a little bit there, sorry buddy. I can't help it that I've always had better visions for the Quakelive community than you have (which isn't really hard considering your intellectual quotient resembles that of a trained monkey) and I can't help it that people generally like me better than you. Try as much as you like, throw as much of your own money at the community (lol, or should I say your socially inept bum buddies Dan and Peter) as you can spare, it won't help the fact that you're a useless cunt who couldn't organise a root in a brothel with a fist full of 50s.

So then you decide it's best to just ask me to organise what the community wants, since you're too much of a short sighted fuckwit to be able to comprehend something as simple as a BYOC event, even with all the positives laid out in plain sight for you. You seem to have a problem reading or something though, since the communication from me was so thorough, almost daily, full of questions and suggestions... and what did you offer me? Absolutely fucken nothing, you just sat back and watched me build a fantastic event, do all the running around, make all the phone calls and use all my contacts for equipment and venue organisation. You're a lazy shit biting wanker but the main problem with you is that you're a jealous little cunt.

After me telling you day after day after day that I would be posting the timetable that I had sent you at least three different drafts of, the final completed one on the day of the event announcement. I specifically tell you that this is when you need to make the changes that you feel necessary for the event, and you make me change the TDM to a CA comp. Fair enough, more people will enjoy that, it's a good suggestion. I tell you the time and how I will be making the announcement. You take absolutely no notice of what I say, and fuck off to have a nap or a wank or get your hair straightened by your sister or some other bullshit which was a completely fucking selfish and retarded to do at a time when we were going to make a big official announcement about an event that people were fucking salivating over.

So I make the announcement. You come back half an hour later and throw a fucking tantrum, why? Because Michael doesn't want to play for his state in the CTF comp, he wants to play with his clan. Forget about this, this and this, the world revolves around little Prince Michael Jenkins so this isn't good enough. You then proceed to block me on MSN as you have your hissy fit, which was what we'd used to communicate about the LAN since you asked me to run it. That's fabulous, just announced this event you asked me to run for you and suddenly you're impossible to contact. You were never on IRC and then all you proceeded to do on the forums was thread crap official announcement threads, like a real professional, just stoking the fire, trying to cause a blaze that would burn uncontrollably and raze the event.

At some stage, you decided you wanted to talk to me again so you sent me a text message. I wasn't on my computer and didn't appreciate the contact, since, well, there's four mediums on the internet for conversing with me I use every day, five if you count Quakelive itself, somehow though you couldn't manage to contact me on any of them. I never went anywhere, I was here every day. You then started asking my flatmate and others to pass on messages to me, which really fucking pissed me off. I was right here, I never went anywhere, and you were acting like I was missing, obviously to cushion your agenda down the track.

I saw the lies my piece of shit ex-flatmate was saying to you and the words he was putting into my mouth, so I looked at my MSN list, and there you are. Wanna know how easy it was to contact you? I just sent you a message. Maybe you could've tried that instead of positioning yourself to pull the plug but we know the path you chose. Funny thing is though, you take the opportunity when I contact you to initiate your staged crucifixion, claiming that you couldn't contact me. When I've just sent you a message on MSN. When it was that easy, you tell me how hard it's been to contact me, and then you chop and change your story and when I call you out, you act like Aus Quake is nothing without you.

Well you're fucking wrong you little cocksucker, you're nothing without this community. Look how special it's made you feel and look how threatened you feel when someone who knows what he's doing comes along and presents a viable alternative to your disorganised, corrupt and flimsy organisation. You're a spoilt child and it's shown here. Then you have the audacity to permanently ban me from the 4sg forums and start lying your little head off on there when I can't turn around and tell the real story straight up.

Well here it is now. Best of luck getting anyone to have a shred of respect for you after this fiasco you piece of shit.

As for the LAN I would still love for it to happen. So many people offered so much support and I was so grateful I couldn't begin to articulate it. Too bad one of those people wasn't dickzerosize. I'll see what I can do and get word out by the new year.

Michael thinks he controls Quake in this country and it's up to us to prove him wrong.