Update: here's a demo of chord playing futile


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I have highly suspected chord of cheating in the past, largely due to circumstantial evidence. But today I can say that we have definitive proof that minor chord toggles autofire to win duels.


In the video, chord is looking to shoot undertaker12 with the railgun as undertaker12 leaves the YA room. Just as undertaker12 appears from behind the staircase ledge, chord's reticule is lined up with the enemy model. He fires and hits the rail.

There are two main reasons why this is a blatant autofire. 1) chord did not have time to react to undertaker12's presence. Watching the rail at timscale .1 with a stopwatch, there was a .0108 delay from the time undertaker12's first pixel was present to the time the rail was fired, which means that if chord was reacting to the rail, his reaction time would be 1.08 milliseconds. Normal human reaction time is around 100 milliseconds.

2) chord swings / aims his mouse AFTER the rail hits. If you watch chord play, he typically mouse-aims his rails (rather than strafe aiming). Mouse aiming is more typical of cheaters, since it allows them to hit more difficult shots. But the fact that he mouse aimed a rail after it had hit shows that he was not expecting to hit the rail, in other words, he toggled too soon. He was not expecting his crosshair to already be lined up on the enemy model.

counter argument: chord spammed a rail as undertaker12 appeared, since he had a general idea of where he already was.

retort: Spamming a rail in this situation doesn't really make sense since there was plenty of time to aim the shot before undertaker12 was safe behind the wall. Indeed, chord was aware of this as shown by the fact that he mouse aimed after his rail hit. If he were spamming a rail, he would not have done it at this angle. Rail spams typically occur at the point where the enemy is about to disappear. Once again, chord knew this which is why he moved his mouse to the edge of the wall.

Please join the movement to bust cheaters, and raise awareness because there are more cheaters out there then you realize!