someone please tell me i was just being trolled and this guy isn't actually this dumb

demo for this game:

i think this condump speaks for itself

sl1mm: u fuckni fag
<QUAKE LIVE> allme is now online.
q:D pinp0int: who
sl1mm: stfu
sl1mm: i dont need to explain
sl1mm: to a fucking nerd ass cheater
sl1mm: who pays for cheats
q:D pinp0int: i dont believe you're even trolling
sl1mm: LOL
q:D pinp0int: because
q:D pinp0int: nobody would wast this much time
q:D pinp0int: you dont even get anything out of it
sl1mm was in the wrong place.
sl1mm: im not trolling
sl1mm: i seen your cheats
sl1mm: so pathetic
sl1mm was in the wrong place.
q:D pinp0int: what cheats
q:D pinp0int: exactly
q:D pinp0int: just tell me
iG| GrundlECheesE connected
q:D pinp0int: what im using
sl1mm: wallhacks, hp scan
sl1mm: rocket lock on
q:D pinp0int: rofl
q:D pinp0int: i was laughing so hard when u said
sl1mm: smooth aim aimbot
q:D pinp0int: hp scan
q:D pinp0int: not joking
q:D pinp0int: i was literally
q:D pinp0int: hysterically laughing
sl1mm: yeah haha
sl1mm: its funny
sl1mm: especially when i seen it on your killcam
sl1mm was electrocuted by pinp0int
pinp0int was railed by sl1mm
sl1mm: gtfo of here
sl1mm ate pinp0int's rocket
sl1mm: dont you hasve better thigns to do at 630 am
q:D pinp0int: duel?
sl1mm was in the wrong place.
sl1mm was railed by pinp0int
sl1mm almost dodged pinp0int's rocket
sl1mm: wow
sl1mm: you see that
sl1mm: grundle
sl1mm: ROFL
iG| GrundlECheesE: from his view yes
sl1mm: you see the hp scan>
sl1mm: and how the rockets curved
sl1mm: didnt go straightg
pinp0int ate sl1mm's rocket
q:D pinp0int: what a joke
q:D pinp0int: so
q:D pinp0int: tell me
q:D pinp0int: what u get out of this
<QUAKE LIVE> tyryl has gone offline.
q:D pinp0int: by pretending to act like
q:D pinp0int: you think i am cheating
q:D pinp0int: what do you get out of that
sl1mm: ROFL
q:D pinp0int: i have all the time in the world
sl1mm: well first of all
q:D pinp0int: you're not wasting any of my time
sl1mm: your not going to be playing later tonight
sl1mm: and now its like
sl1mm: 4 people
sl1mm: who have seen your cheats
sl1mm: just because you toggle
q:D pinp0int: please dude lol
q:D pinp0int: give it up
sl1mm: your try and make it not obvious
q:D pinp0int: no
iG| GrundlECheesE: wtf does toggle even mean
q:D pinp0int: you are trying
q:D pinp0int: really hard
q:D pinp0int: to sound serious
sl1mm: toggle means turn ur cheats off by a press of a button
q:D pinp0int: there's no way you're being realistic
sl1mm: and back on
sl1mm: by pressing again
sl1mm: when no ones watchibng
sl1mm: you should know that
sl1mm: lol
sl1mm: its obvious he's cheating
sl1mm: he was horribl
iG| GrundlECheesE: i dont cheat why hsould i know that
sl1mm almost dodged pinp0int's rocket
sl1mm: few ydays ago
sl1mm: people dobnt get good overnight
sl1mm: its sad
sl1mm: to see people waste their money
q:D pinp0int: sl1mm ive never seen u before
q:D pinp0int: lol
sl1mm: i dont even play
sl1mm was electrocuted by pinp0int
sl1mm: but ive seen pros
sl1mm: tthis dude is a cheat
sl1mm: big time
q:D pinp0int: go back to xbox live lol
iG| GrundlECheesE: pin isnt even that good
sl1mm: id rape you on that
sl1mm: no cheaters on xbox
q:D pinp0int: rofl
q:D pinp0int: also no good games
sl1mm: buddy
q:D pinp0int: and fucking joysticks
q:D pinp0int: rofl
sl1mm: hers qlive arcade
q:D pinp0int: LOL
q:D pinp0int: JOYSTICKS
q:D pinp0int: AUTOAIM
q:D pinp0int: GTFO
sl1mm: you have autoaim anyway
q:D pinp0int: sure sure
sl1mm: you should be used to it
sl1mm was railed by pinp0int
q:D pinp0int: ok well
sl1mm: you cleared out the fucking server
q:D pinp0int: let me tell you
sl1mm: beacuse they saw ur hacks
q:D pinp0int: 1. i'm not cheating
q:D pinp0int: 2. play to get better
sl1mm: im good due
sl1mm: dude
q:D pinp0int: 3. thats the only 2 things you need to know at this point
sl1mm: i already know that
q:D pinp0int: have fun sending a demo of a non-cheater
q:D pinp0int: lol
q:D pinp0int: peace
sl1mm: 4. multiple people have seen ur cheats
sl1mm: ya u better leave
q:D pinp0int: like who
sl1mm: ur already bannned
sl1mm: fucking leave dude
q:D pinp0int: you just said
sl1mm: your an idiot anyways
q:D pinp0int: you dont play this game
q:D pinp0int: and then before
q:D pinp0int: you said you know the admins ?
q:D pinp0int: lol
sl1mm: i dont play it game
q:D pinp0int: name some admins bro
q:D pinp0int: name some of them
sl1mm: cuz i run into fucking people like you
sl1mm: sync error
sl1mm: he's my buddt
q:D pinp0int: people who are better than you?
sl1mm: i also know quar
sl1mm: another admin
sl1mm: so dude
sl1mm: just leave
sl1mm: your going to be banned
q:D pinp0int: do you want me to
q:D pinp0int: give sync my demo
q:D pinp0int: directly
sl1mm: just adit
sl1mm: admit
q:D pinp0int: i can go talk to him
q:D pinp0int: on irc
q:D pinp0int: right now
sl1mm: you saw it
sl1mm: my buddys already messaged him
sl1mm: so
sl1mm: lol
iG| GrundlECheesE: people still use irc?
sl1mm: no kidding
sl1mm: its a program full of nerds
sl1mm: but lol
sl1mm: i know sync in person
sl1mm: met him at quakecon
sl1mm: so
q:D pinp0int: rofl
q:D pinp0int: i just laughed
q:D pinp0int: you went to quakecon?
sl1mm: yep
q:D pinp0int: rofl
sl1mm: no cheaters there
sl1mm: fucking idiot
sl1mm: youd get the shit kicked out of you so fast
sl1mm: if you went
sl1mm: LOL
q:D pinp0int: yea i bet
q:D pinp0int: hey
q:D pinp0int: i wonder what you would do
q:D pinp0int: if ther was an actual cheater
q:D pinp0int: rofl
sl1mm: lol
q:D pinp0int: nobody good thinks i cheat
sl1mm: your on the list dude
q:D pinp0int: do you understand
sl1mm: im good bro
q:D pinp0int: nobody good would even consider
sl1mm: ive beat good players
q:D pinp0int: me
q:D pinp0int: as a cheater
q:D pinp0int: like who
q:D pinp0int: who have you beaten
sl1mm: good fucking players
q:D pinp0int: names?
sl1mm: thats all you need to know
iG| GrundlECheesE: funny on my good days i get accused of cheating
sl1mm: pros
sl1mm: dude
q:D pinp0int: names
sl1mm: dude
sl1mm: your a cheater
sl1mm: ive beaten some of the best us players in the world
sl1mm: something you could never do
q:D pinp0int: best us players
q:D pinp0int: in the world
q:D pinp0int: lol
iG| GrundlECheesE: that was kinda silly
pinp0int almost dodged sl1mm's rocket
sl1mm: i dont fucking care
sl1mm: i dont even play this game
sl1mm was melted by pinp0int's plasmagun
sl1mm: since 07
sl1mm: so lol
q:D pinp0int: so how would you know
sl1mm: dude
sl1mm: i was a pro
q:D pinp0int: what cheats look like
sl1mm: dude
iG| GrundlECheesE entered the game
iG| GrundlECheesE entered the game
GrundlECheesE killed himself.
sl1mm: i know when its legit and its not
sl1mm: so just leave
sl1mm: and admit it already
q:D pinp0int: na i got time
sl1mm: if you at least admit it
sl1mm: i'll tell the dude with demo's not to report you
q:D pinp0int: umm
q:D pinp0int: i already told you
sl1mm: because theres more then one
q:D pinp0int: i will send my demo
q:D pinp0int: to sync
q:D pinp0int: right now
q:D pinp0int: hang on
q:D pinp0int: going to open a chat with him
sl1mm: you better get on it
switched back to window mode
sl1mm: cuz lol
sl1mm: let me get the demo real quick
]\you want it?
unknown cmd you
q:D pinp0int: you want it?
q:D pinp0int: ill upload it now
TwilightBoy connected
sl1mm: k got it
TwilightBoy entered the game
q:D pinp0int: uploading
sl1mm was in the wrong place.
sl1mm: to where
sl1mm: i already have it to sync
q:D pinp0int:
q:D pinp0int: sec
q:D pinp0int:
q:D pinp0int: thats a 0
q:D pinp0int: zero
sl1mm: guar is taking a look at it
sl1mm: right now
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
sl1mm: you better hope
q:D pinp0int: ok
sl1mm: he thinks its legit
q:D pinp0int: who is guar
q:D pinp0int: lol
sl1mm: uhh
sl1mm: rofl
sl1mm: a quake live admin?
TwilightBoy almost dodged GrundlECheesE's rocket
sl1mm: you would know that
q:D pinp0int: did u get that
q:D pinp0int:
q:D pinp0int: the o is a zero
sl1mm: what?
q:D pinp0int: thats the link
TwilightBoy was electrocuted by GrundlECheesE
q:D pinp0int: to the demo
GrundlECheesE was shredded by TwilightBoy's shrapnel
sl1mm: i already have it
q:D pinp0int: you have mine?
sl1mm: dude sent it to me
sl1mm: yes
sl1mm: dude was specing you
sl1mm: the entire time
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
sl1mm: and u didnt even realise
q:D pinp0int: so he has the whole thing
q:D pinp0int: ?
q:D pinp0int: thats all i want to make sure
TwilightBoy was pummeled by GrundlECheesE
sl1mm: as far as i know
q:D pinp0int: well
sl1mm: i have the demo right here
q:D pinp0int: write it down
q:D pinp0int:
q:D pinp0int: O = zero
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
q:D pinp0int: B zero KAR
sl1mm: why the fuck would i dod that
sl1mm: didnt you just hear
GrundlECheesE was railed by TwilightBoy
sl1mm: i alreadty have it
sl1mm: retard
q:D pinp0int: lol ive seen accusations but never have any gone this far
q:D pinp0int: really cute
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
q:D pinp0int: whats it like being that bad
q:D pinp0int: im curious
sl1mm: of course youve had accusations
sl1mm: it was obvious
sl1mm: especially the rockets
sl1mm: the curved
sl1mm: unlike anything ive seen
q:D pinp0int: rockets dont curve wtf
sl1mm: and ive also heard of those kind of cheats
GrundlECheesE ate TwilightBoy's grenade
sl1mm: dude
sl1mm: you were scaning my hp too
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
sl1mm: how the fuck
sl1mm: did you know
sl1mm: i had 4 hp
q:D pinp0int: ??
sl1mm: and to sue mg
q:D pinp0int: i dont think i killed you once
sl1mm: just the fuck up
q:D pinp0int: with mg
sl1mm: yes you did
sl1mm: i have it on demo
q:D pinp0int: pretty sure i didnt
sl1mm: sec
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
GrundlECheesE was railed by TwilightBoy
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
GrundlECheesE was electrocuted by TwilightBoy
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
sl1mm: yep
sl1mm: your gonna be banned within the next 48 hours
sl1mm: need to get more demo's
sl1mm: of you cheats
q:D pinp0int: ill send u
q:D pinp0int: any demos
q:D pinp0int: just name em
q:D pinp0int: look at my
q:D pinp0int: past matches
q:D pinp0int: ill send any you want
sl1mm: dude
sl1mm: the admin has it saved
sl1mm: as evidence
sl1mm: to ban you
sl1mm: you think im fucking around?
sl1mm: lol
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
sl1mm: you have yet to elarn ddue
TwilightBoy: oiyakatioya!
q:D pinp0int: ok i just send
q:D pinp0int: sync
q:D pinp0int: the demo
GrundlECheesE almost dodged TwilightBoy's rocket
sl1mm: clearly you didnt
TwilightBoy ate GrundlECheesE's grenade
sl1mm: he's not online
q:D pinp0int: <sym> sync there's a guy named sl1mm telling me that he
knows you in
q:D pinp0int: <sym> accusing me of cheats
q:D pinp0int: <sym> i want to give you the demo of the game he was accusing
me for
q:D pinp0int: <sym>
GrundlECheesE ate TwilightBoy's rocket
q:D pinp0int: SyncError|home is [email protected] *
Donnie Domin
q:D pinp0int: SyncError|home on @#403forbidden
q:D pinp0int: SyncError|home using * QuakeNet IRC Server
sl1mm: funny because
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
sl1mm: i have him on aol
sl1mm: sometghing that he doesnt give
sl1mm: to the public
sl1mm: so lol
sl1mm: think hes gonna believ eme over you dude
q:D pinp0int: make sure he gets it
q:D pinp0int: so he can laugh at you
TwilightBoy was railed by GrundlECheesE
q:D pinp0int: for being a dipshit
GrundlECheesE ate pinp0int's rocket
sl1mm ate pinp0int's rocket
sl1mm: hes not going to laugh dude
sl1mm: just leave
sl1mm: you said you were going to
sl1mm: hours ago
sl1mm: just a waset of time
sl1mm: arguing with cheaters
sl1mm: what the fuck
sl1mm: grundle cheese
GrundlECheesE was shredded by TwilightBoy's shrapnel
q:D pinp0int: how do i dump
sl1mm: already saw them im sure
q:D pinp0int: the console
q:D pinp0int: so i can post this on ESR
sl1mm: post it
sl1mm: i'll pust the demo
sl1mm: fare and square
usage: condump <filename>
]\condump lol fucking idiot
usage: condump <filename>
]\condump lolfuckingidiot.txt
Dumped console text to lolfuckingidiot.txt.

edit: bolded names for clarity

i don't really know why i'm posting this.. i guess i'm just showing how far off-base this cheat accusation shit is actually getting