-Avago ADNS-A3053 or ADNS-3055 sensor. (untested, don't really know much about it other than it's based off the new ADNS-3050).
-No prediction/Angle snapping/correction/drift control assuming it's the same sensor as the G300.

Official specs:

"Tracking Resolution: 1000dpi, 1750dpi, 2500dpi (dpi button can be selected)
Image Processing: 2.4 megapixels / second
Maximum acceleration: 23G
Maximum speed: 160 inches / second (in the most suitable surface)
Static friction coefficient - .14
Mouse Weight: 80 grams
Connection: 30 grams
Left and right buttons durable life: 10 million hits
Feet: 250 km"

DPI can be interpolated with drivers if you want lower settings.