Right now I've got a DA3G and an mx518 (MMB was easy to fix, if you remember the old thread, broke again though xD).

The MX - has prediction and runs only at 125hz, even if forced.
The DA - the weight.... What the **** did they put in that mouse O_o

Looking for a new mouse that:
-is lightweight (sub-80g, if possible) - primary reason to switch from the deathadder.
-has a good sensor (i.e. deathadder3g) without prediction - drift control throws me off big time.
-1000hz@1800DPI (don't care that much about the DPI, just used to it) - I want to minimise the input lag as much as possible, right now I'm on an IPS LCD (zr24w - fastest that I could find at the time that was 16:10 1920x1200). Switch to TN is not an option - got an IPS for a reason. Switch to CRT is - if it's 1920x1200 (i.e. fw900 and rebrands), can't go dual monitors due to my desk.
-has a small to medium shape - not vital, I play with both claw and palm.

Right now I'm looking at - yeah you guessed it... either Abyssus or Spawn. Guess it would've been obvious even without mentioning them in the heading. Or a kinzuadder but I don't really have much time - 8 days to a LAN event, might as well practice before it... In fact, I'm looking at picking it up tomorrow afternoon. Or anything else that is recommended here (yeah.. WMO :) )
I would've gone immediately for the spawn, but I noticed in an OCN review that it has prediction and that's about the only thing that makes me doubt - the 10g weight difference won't be that big I guess.

Games played - SCBW, SC2(not really), Q3/QL/WSW/CPMA/etc, CS1.6, the likes...
Settings - 1.5sens@1800dpi, 6/11win7 w/ mousefix, no accel/filter, 1000hz, no vsync(obviously >.<), goliathus speed.

So... looking for recommendations, 10x in advance :) Please state the reasons as well. Price is not really a problem. Guess I'll lurk some more meanwhile...