Now DH is over, I would like to commit some of my thoughts to text.

1) TDM is not spectator friendly, it's hard to follow and get's a bit boring if the games aren't close (which a lot aren't). Even the close ones didn't have me sitting on the edge of my seat like duel did.

2) Constant switching of POV in TDM means you miss a lot of the action (It's not the casters fault, just the gametypes).

3) While TDM was certainly hyped a lot, it didn't live up to my expectations. It may have been more fun for the players, but not for me as a spectator.

4) Duel was much more exciting in my opinion, lots of close games with amazing aim all round. Definitely more enjoyable to watch.

5) Let's drop it with this Tony bullshit, it was funny for like a week. (I have nothing against Tony, he seems like a nice guy)