The HoQLeagues CTF 4v4 Season 1 is finished with just 2 playoff matches to be played between teams tied for 2nd place in Divs 1 + 2.

CA 2v2 Playoff Brackets are now up and they will all be played on the 17th April starting at 20:00 CET. There will be plenty of streams, keep yr eyes open in the irc channel #HoQLeagues and #live.ql

DUEL will be finishing on the 4th April (alot inactive or just useless at getting games played will get default losses for not trying to play) then the playoffs will be played on the 10th April (brackets will be posted on the 5th) I will post about the duel playoffs on/around the 11th on ESR. Prizes for the DUEL is, Higher Tier: 1st - 100 Cash, 2nd - 50 Cash. Lower Tier: 1st - 50 FragBelly Credits, 2nd - 25 FragBelly Credits.

Thanks to FragBelly for some of the prizes and of course our awesome admins: williebobc, angst, Drayan, Demok, Derfel.

Links: 4v4 CTF, DUEL, CA 2v2, mIRC #HoQLeagues, mIRC #live.ql, mIRC