I don't understand you people, LG fucking rapes now, even at close range, and you still want to nerf rockets, i don't get it. Seriously you can dance around an rl player with lg, dealing tons of dmg and receiving almost none.

Please ID don't make quake an LG only noobshit game.

Its fine now, rails are easier and don't go through randomly, sg made a comeback, which i love (it always has been an important weapon to master in TDM) and lg feels much easier now.

I don't know, how to improve Duel to make it less +b, its prolly all down too maps, same with CTF, only good maps are c7 and c2, all other maps are a snooze fest 2def +b 1:0 30min games, seriously.

Just make the maps a bit smaller in ctf and duel?