Just bought a samsung 2233rz.
In the control panel 120 hz isnt available, but if i create a custom resolution in the nvidida settings, it works. The catch is, that after exactly 1 minute of playing on 120 hz, the monitor blackens, saying "Not optimum, recommended 1650 x 1050".

If I restart the monitor or do a vid_restart it's ok again for exact 1 minute.

Anyone experienced anything similar? Or is it malfunctioning?
It's a demo-monitor from the store.

Problem solved: The Dual link kabel carries 2x 60hz images. The Hdmi type-A (19pin) only carries 1... In theory, Hdmi Type-B(29 pin) would work, but that type isn't manufactured yet.

Sad but true I summoned a new pc with a dvi-d duallink gfx card.

Fun thing, that you get 100 times more answers from ESR, than from the douche who charges 1 euro a minute at the samsung support... <3

Stay tuned