Scheduled: 11:00 CST, 11 December 2010 to 13:00 CST, 11 December 2010
Schedule: Passed

It's final time in the European Quake League, the Division 1 final stands between two of the most legendary clans in QuakeWorld history.

Europe Slackers vs Finland the Viper Squad - Saturday, 11:00 CST

Slackers is without a doubt the most successful team ever, having won 2 Smackdown titles, 4 NQR titles, 3 EQL titles and just recently claiming their 3rd QHLAN title.

the Viper Squad has been the dominating team for the past 3 years, winning 4 EQL titles in a row without losing a single match.

For this match however, the Viper Squad is looking to take back their throne as kings of QuakeWorld 4on4, as their 2 recent encounters with Slackers has not been going their way. Slackers won the QHLAN 14 final last month, and took home a second victory over the Viper Squad, during their EQL group game just a week later.

Commentators for the match will be United States of America Jehar & United Kingdom ddk

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