QUAKE LIVE is currently offline for an update. Adding QL Premium Pak 4 w/ 2 maps, premium awards, and new advanced server options.

One of new pro server options will be highly recognizable to Quake 3 Rocket Arena fans. Now play those RA3 maps with Damage Through Floors.

Of course if we are going to introduce a Damage Through Floors option, we just have to add ra3map1 - Evolution.

Feedback shows that many players enjoyed this weekend's DevPick, glad to hear it! Instant Weapon Switching is now a new pro server option.

Many Capture fans have been interested in playing Team Arena CTF levels without runes, so pro users can now spin up TA maps without runes.

Wish that you could allow callvoting mid-game on your own server? Server owners can now choose if or when callvoting is allowed.

Users were mixed about our recent Quad nerf. Pro servers can now be launched with Quad Factor 2x, 3x, 4x, or even an excessive 6x damage.

Quake 2 and Quake 4 fans might be interested in the new Ramp Jumping behavior, now available via the Advanced Server Options.

They update twitter with more information every 2 minutes or so, so more info will be available there :D