Would anyone know why mice move so slow on my mousepad, as they're a somehow "glued" to my mat. I got it with both the abysssus & ms1.1 on the puretrak talent. I just placed hyperglides on the ms1.1 1 or 2 months ago :( And as I heard, hyperglides last pretty long, so I doubt it's bec of my mousefeet. Would it perhaps be bec of the mousemat wearing off ? But same thing goes for the puretrak, people say it takes soooo long for it to wear off. So what should I do ? :( Any tips ? ( I prefer that my mouse goes pretty fast on the map, so it's enjoyable to handle it and still controlable. )

Oh, and is there a possibility to "reset" like the usb ports ( so they are the same as when I bought the pc ) and somehow the internal software of a mouse.

Thanks in advance, Piegie !