Quake Live's elite group of four players is well established as United States of America rapha, Belarus Cypher, Poland av3k and Russia Cooller, with no fifth name as yet capable of consistently making that quartest into a quintent.

SK Gaming have published an article which explores the group of players who are battling for that degree of recognition. Germany k1llsen, Italy Stermy, France strenx, Sweden Spart1e and United States of America DaHanG are considered to gauge who is most likely to make the next step up.

Addressing k1llsen's chances:
A new-found desire, sick aim and all the fan backing in the world is enough to give k1llsen a case for stepping into the upper echelon of Quake Live. But he's marred by inconsistency, something that he needs to vastly improve on heading into DreamHack Winter this November and future IEM Global Challenges.

The full article can be read at SK Gaming.