for tl;dr

Here is a small list of “news” these last few weeks:
· The trade union Transport excludes one of its members that is a candidate for the SD
· Swedish immigrants are on strike for 5 minutes one day against the SD
· An SD politician is pilloried because of being violent (reality: he tried to defend himself)
· An expert on political science informs how to prevent the SD from having any future influence in the parliament
· The knife-gashed SD politician has staged the story himself
· A list of SD people that have been sentenced for a crime is published (but the worst crime seems to be a study loan debt of 100 euros)
· The Prime minister warns people that a vote for the SD is dangerous for the country
· A list of the 20 first SD names on the ballot paper is published and something negative is stated about each person
· The SD leader is depicted in a long article as a dangerous man
· A professor of ethics proposes tactical voting against the SD in the parliament
· The SD are accused of having its roots among Nazi people
· The SD are alleged to profit from the martyrdom
· The Swedish Television’s evening news 6 Sept. shows the film clip from the film der Untergang where the text has been changed so as to describe the SD as Nazis.

Honestly. I didnt know sweden is that corrupt and dirty in politics. If those accusations are true. Since i dont live in sweden i really dont know but sounds quite dirty.