I've discussed this with a few people (top players in CS in 1.6 a few years back). What are your thoughts on drug testing for major competitions? Obviously quake doesnt have a prize pool large enough to warrant this, but say SC2 for example - which is going to have millions in a year or two.

I've experience this first hand. You take adderall, ritalin, or any sort of amphetamine and your skill increases 10 fold. I'll normally shoot 25-30 percent in CA. On adderall i consistently shoot 35-45 percent everytime, my decision making is much more precise and to the point, there is no hesitation what-so-ever.

I know well over half the people winning consistently in counterstrike were taking speed at the LAN events. How do i know? Because i was there...

You can just tell the difference. You get to a certain point that your natural ability is just not going to increase anymore with 'practice'. Obviously taking some sort of amphetamine is going to heighten your awareness and accuracy.

I know this sounds STUPID to drug test for a game, but when big money is involved it seems pretty logical. I'm not going to call out anyone.....but it's fairly obvious a lot of the players have this advantage over the others.

BTW before anyone says anything about weed - this isnt really a factor...as it pales in comparison to the boost in skill amphetamines gives you.

Thoughts? experiences?