Over at SK Gaming the self-proclaimed p1mp of TDM Sweden Cyrus "proZaC" Malekani talked at length about his entire career as a Quake 3 star. He won Lan Arena 7 with QPO, EuroCup V with p1mps and placed in the top 3 of the EuroCup four times in total.

Did he duel much with Sweden Blue and Sweden LakermaN in All*? How does the Swede compare United States of America czm to himself at TDM? How did p1mps come to crush iCE cLIMBERS 4:0 in a best of seven series in the EuroCup V final? What was it like to play along with Russia Mikes and Russia Cooller in TDM?

Talking about Sweden fox as a TDM player in ic:
Well they had a good dynamic, like fox can be the sneaky camper style player and toxic can be the rambo rampage go crazy guy. But I mean fox could also be crazy FFA style if he wanted to, but you know... he's fox, he's always gonna play solid no matter what :) He is truly a great player and I respect his skill and as a friend.

proZaC also breaks down his strategies for playing q3dm7, q3dm14 and ospdm5 both individually and as part of an elite team.

The interview can be read at SK Gaming.