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Rating: 9.1 (58 votes)
KOS released a new defrag/trickjump movie with CTF-speedcaptures scenes. As the name states, it's a promo video for the SpeedCapture site and he wrote "it would have been a shame not to try to present it in some more dynamic way, making it some sort of hybrid between a full feature tricking video and a trailer/ad."

The movie features both strafe runs (mode 1) and weapon runs (mode 2) in CPM and VQ3. All the runs are taken from speedcapture.com and some were done last minute for the movie to make some maps shine even more.

Length: 3m55s
Size: 242 Megs
Featuring: ALIEN, Bazz, fraNk, Kiddy, marky, remis, w3sp, XunderBIRD, ZyaX

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