Hi, I recently bought Logitech g500 mouse and so far I am not very satisfied wit it. Can someone wit both mice compare Logitech g500 vs. SteelSeries xai ?

Here is list of my complaints on g500
* First of all it is too heavy (I am used to lift up the mouse during gaming) - my hand hurts me after longer gaming session, it's too heavy when compared to either one of my other gaming mices (MX310, Razer Lachesis) - and of course I am speaking about g500 with those additional weights unloaded
* mid button requires a lot of effort when clicking. G500's scroll button is simply too loose for my taste. I just don't give a damn about hyperscroll if the basic mid-click functionality doesn't work as I would expect. MX310 or Lachesis are good examples how it should work in my opinion (both provide good scroll resistance)
* due to that strange material on sides of the mouse my thumb sweats like hell on g500 - never had this problem with any other mouse before - not very comfortable

So I am in serach for a replacement of g500.

Xai seems like my next logical choice. It seems almost perfect but I really need to know how its weight compares to g500 . If Xai weight is anything like MX310 or Lachesis then it's OK, if it's more like g500 then it's a deal breaker. Is here anyone who tried both these mice ?

I am also interested about the mid button of Xai how does it compare. I just think - mice so expensive as these shouldn't perform that much worse from some cheap 10$ generic mice - which most of the time are quite easy to midclick.

As far as the sensor goes I know g500 and Xai both use the same sensor with some little positive accel problem if you go above like 1.5 m/s or so - but I guess it's not a big deal for me as I am not a low sens player and the g500 tracks fine for me.

Also if I'll go for Xai I wonder if you could give my some recommendation on good pad for this mouse. (I am not that happy about my current SteelSeries SX)