Hmm.. well despite reading tons of bad things about this mouse on cloth i wanted to try it out. I have a QCK heavy which is fairly old but not visibly worn, and I don't really see what everyone is talking about.

The only way I get noticeable jitter is if I have windows sens at 6/11 and the dpi all the way to 3500. Do people actually use this? For desktop use I either go windows sens 3/11 and dpi 3500, and bump it to 6/11 for games. Or I use a dpi of 450 and windows sens of 6/11 and bump the dpi back up for games.

I would say I am a mid sens user in QL with roughly 27-28cm 360 and the mouse seems fine. For testing purposes I even bought a little allsop raindrop for 5 bucks and it seems ok on that too.

There have been a few occasions where I think I may have seen a jitter.. but I cant reproduce it in mspaint.

I also stuck a piece of transparent tape under the sensor to fix lift off and I don't see any repercussions from that either.. Am i lucky or doing the wrong tests?

Other than that I like the shape for fingertip / claw grip.