Winner:Brazil, Odds: 66% (1.4:1)
Bets placed: E$100118, betting open: 14:13 CDT 26 Jun 2002 to 06:00 CDT 30 Jun 2002

Loser:Germany, Odds: 33% (3:1)
Bets placed: E$47022, betting open: 14:13 CDT 26 Jun 2002 to 06:00 CDT 30 Jun 2002

Both teams have made it to the final after winning their ways throught the elimination stage. These two teams have combined to win 7 of the last 12 World Cups, although they have NEVER played each other in the tournament, let alone in the final.

Brazil have been the most offensive team in this World Cup, scoring 16 goals. Ronaldo leads them with 6.

Germany however, are the most defensive team, allowing only 1 goal behind the purely magical goaltending of Kahn. That goal came in a 1-1 tie to Ireland in group play.

Brazil has won the Cup 4 times, and have now been in 3 straight World Cup finals, beating Italy in Pk's at the USA '94 World Cup, then losing to France 3-0 in the '98 World Cup.

Germany has won 3 World Cup's, however they have never won it as a united nation.

Will beautiful play of Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and the rest of the Brazilian squad win?

Or will the Klose, Kahn and the rest of the Germans take out the 4 time champs, to become a 4 time champ themselves? Their man Ballack who scored their last two goals (one that beat the US 1-0, and the other that beat Korea 1-0) is suspended from the final game due to two yellow cards. Can the Germans overcome this obstacle?

Tune in June 30 to find out who will win the worlds biggest championship, and who will have to wait another 4 year to try again.

Brazil - Germany / 2-0