Basicly I wouldn't make a topic on tek9 about this coz of all the trolls but whatever.

So, to make it short.

My xai died (shite mouse tbh wouldn't recommend it to anyone).
My old DA died (like those 1800 dpi mac edition from years ago).

Gonna go to the store tomorrow & I've been thinking 'bout which mouse would be worth it's money. (money isn't a problem though).

I've been thinking 'bout the intelli 3.0 (I would take the 1.1's but I got used to side buttons so cba to get used to a normal one again).

I've read some reviews, most were like 99% positive. Been talking to a mate of mine who's using one & he said it feels kinda inaccurate sometimes.... So that kinda scares me off abit from buying it.

Then, a mouse I thought I'd never think about buying it, the mx518... Don't like Logitech in general (don't ask me why), but, aye I got to admit when you look at forums & stuff, mx518 just shows up everywhere as one of the best to buy.

Then the intelli 3.0 but the steelseries version, I tried to look it up, there's not much information about it sadly enough. So I'm kinda clueless on that mouse though since it's kinda the same as the normal intelli 3.0 (or so i've heard) I'm quite tempted to buy it.

Conclusion: I still don't know which mouse to buy & I was kinda hoping you guys could inform me abit more & give some personal opinions/experiences about each of those.

Advice 'bout some other mice that I haven't mentioned is allowed aswell ofcourse if I'm missing some sick ones.