Apheleon's away this week so I bring in the big stoned guns; United States of America Rod "Slasher" Breslau is here to talk about the major happenings in Quake, including the upcoming summer list of major LANs across the world.

I also get to talk to one of the Team EG Starcraft players, United States of America Kelby "iNkA" Williams about the soaring popularity of Starcraft 2 and his recent win in the Team EG/Team Liquid Show Match. We get his thoughts on his match against European player Jinro, and a breakdown of his of the game. We close with some of his thoughts on North America's stance in the global competitive SC community and the recent betting scandal in South Korea.

Rod's sister also decides to pay the show a visit and give us some of her thoughts on her favorite sandwich toppings.

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