It was only recently that esports saw one of its busiest weekends as events across all of Europe took place at the same time. As esports continues to expand it can be hard to keep track of what is happening when, even for the most well informed of enthusiasts.
With this in mind Heaven Media have launched Esports Calendar, a website dedicated to keeping track of all the events taking place across the globe, from when and where right down to the details such as prize money and where to sign-up.

The idea behind the site is simple - provide a means for esports enthusiasts and tournament organisers to be able to see what events are happening and at what dates and times. We hope that this is something the wider community will be able to use effectively and will help improve the understanding and communication within the esports scene.

The site comes with a filter facility so users can quickly search for events and tournaments relating to specific games. There is also a user submissions option enabling everyone to draw attention to events happening in their part of the world that might otherwise have been missed.

Heaven Media are committed to getting the best out of the site's functionality and content. For that we will need feedback from the users and wider community. If you can think of any improvements that can be made then simply leave your thoughts as comments to this announcement.

To see the site for yourself first hand head over to