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Rating: 1.6 (16 votes)
Very short movie made by myself, mostly trying out what you can do editing wise in quake(live). Content is from three days of dueling so comment what you want on that.

Yes, it's touching the Columbine Massacre, think what you want of it, it's a tragedy in more ways than most can and will imagine, but this is not a taunt towards it. Rest in piece victims from both parts.

Duration: 1:58 - the plan all along was to keep it below 3 minutes.

Work time: Well I began doing this friday, started gathering material thursday, so it's a no biggie :)

Why Columbine? I've always had a certain respect for what happened there in '99, it's sad, depressing, and worst of all, the way people reacted. Listen to what Marilyn has to say, it's words that are so true.

Video Stream: www.own3d.tv Edit: Apparently don't watch it in HD version, makes it lag horribly. That's what you get for using XviD huh. :)