After 2 days of iem world championship iīm pleased with 2 things, strenx and stermy out! I dont like whiners who think they are much better than they are, i read the full strenx interview and couldnīt help getting real pissed, how he has the guts to trashtalk everybody besides cypher, strenx looks like a lost shemale with girl eyebrows, if i was so skinny and feminin i would be very careful of my words towards other people, and stermy! Also a whiner whoīs really not that good, "oh mama mia" "where izzeh maya pasta" i just dont like whiners, people with awesome skills like Z4muZ,Rapha,Cypher donīt whine at all, cooller does whine, but heīs so oldschool and russian so itīs ok in some way. This is a useless post, but iīm really happy that strenx and stermy are out. Peace!