'ello everybody

So basically, since there is a ton of misinformation on teh web , i would like to know what are the best settings for DA (old one).
By best i mean:
what settings should be left on default or there best value, and what should be free for customizing? (+what are the def values?)
- driver sensitivity
- win pointer speed in driver
- hz
- dpi
- master sensitivity

i.e. i find that the driver sensitivity of 10 (default value afaik) is to fast for my taste for windows usage. So i wasn't sure if it was better to lower windows sensitivity or driver sensitivity.

( injx ) well the only problem with driver-level sens is that it must output integers - so after the driver applies its scaling, the result will be clamped to an integer - which means you're getting up to 0.5 counts of rounding
( injx ) now for the purposes of quake, 0.5 counts of rounding is nothing - especially at high cpi.
( injx ) i'd use windows sens to make your desktop easier to use. then use raw input in game to bypass it
( injx ) driver sens will affect raw input, but windows sens wont
(afaik same goes for direct input)

So i lowered my win sens and in-game sens.

driver 2.01 firmware 1.31.