So, Quake America Duel Cup #1 is over, and after a gruelling night where the top 6 were easily staying awake past 04:00 CDT, we finally came out with results:
cup_gold Eddie T. "kmRey" J.
cup_silver Alex "km Karabas" Kravchenko
cup_bronze Ben "Pandemic-Pl4gue" Tremblay

We would also like to extend honorable mentions to the people who made it into the top 6: K9-InsaneKILL, km dCoy, and weeja.

Thanks to all who played last night, especially those who made it to the upper rankings and had to stay up in the wee hours of the morning!

The Quake America staff learned a lot last night by having many issues come up and unfortunately quite a few players had to leave disappointed in the organization. All I can do is apologize on behalf of myself and the rest of the Quake America staff and promise that we'll have many of our issues fixed for Cup #2 on next Saturday, February 6th.

Please look forward to changes and other announcements coming soon!

Links: Quake America, Tournament Rules - mIRC #quakeamerica