To Viewsonic:

Hi there, as a hardcore gamer i am really looking forward to your new Viewsonic VX2265WM Fuhzion monitor, i've been using a CRT at 120hz from ever since i can remember, and also I have you're VX2260WM sat next to me running my PS3.

As it goes i do not care for this new 3d technology malarky, i see that Samsung refuses to sell it's monitor without the glasses at the moment, I know that your viewsonic does... i also know that your viewsonic has zero input lag and the samsung averages at about 10 however it is nowhere to be found in the UK.. why this is?

If i had to be straight with you, i guess i'm writing this email to firstly ask for a FREE viewsonic vx2265wm mailed to:


Failing that, could you possibly give me a date on its UK release?... Or information on a reseller i could speak to on getting one imported if it is going to be a long wait... I am impatient.



From Viewsonic:

Many thanks for your email enquiring about our product VX2265wm. This product must have been purchased via the USA. It will not be

brought into the UK as it does not meet our stringent CE regulations. The version we will have in Europe will be the New improved VX2268wm.

This model will be manufactured in June and 1st shipments arrive in the UK in August. The model will be 120hz and improved 3D ready.

The 3D glasses will be sold separately as an option. The potential graphics card is thought to be NVIDIA.

I hope that you will be able to wait to purchase this upgraded model to your VX2265wm and that you enjoy the new VX2268wm even more.


Input lag tests: 0 input lag on the VX2265WM



The only thing everybody is complaining about with the viewsonic vx2265wm is it's lack of OSD (which probably causes it to fail the regs at a guess as you have to change colours etc through your graphics card drivers) and also the lack of Inputs - 1x dvi like the samsung (which makes the price stupid high for what you get).. hopefully they'll be revising both.

i can't wait, hopefully the VX2268WM will match up to the VX2265WM specs... i tried the samsung 2233rz at lan (going from my iiyama vision master pro 454 at 120hz - and it was pretty good on TF2 as scout and Left4Dead.

I'm not sure how these 120Hz LCD's will perform in cpm... but there will be no monitor whine at lan for vq3, especially if they use these viewsonic models with zero input lag. I know they are pretty active within the gaming scene in the US (MLG HALO etc) so i can't see why the quake tours can't start using them.

Though if you're buying one of these just for quake, don't. Just stick with a 4:3 CRT, you can buy one of them on ebay for approx 0.33* of the cost.

£3 vs £300... i've got 3.

As for those glasses, you can use them with any screen aslong as you have a supported NVIDIA card, it'll half your screens Hz so make sure you can run 120Hz or you'll get headaches.

Also make sure you have almost equal vision in both your eyes else they won't work either.. kinda flawed.