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It is through this and future videos that 4Seasons Gaming will do it's best to help revolutionize the way the world sees Quake Live. Get the message out that Quake Live is no longer just a place for those who are most skilled or most experienced, but a place for players of all skill levels that love all game modes.

For it is with this small act of compassion that we will inspire others to contribute to this community, and those that we inspire will motivate others in turn. Eventually, through this process we will take Quake Live to places never thought possible. When you bear witness to the end result, after seeing all the cogs in motion, you will realize that you have been a part of something great.

We thank all our followers, both Australian and International. We support all communities that support Quake around the globe. If you’re thinking about doing something for the game, just do it!

Enjoy the video!

4seasonsgaming, YouTube Link

If you would like to mirror this video let us know via a youtube message or contact us on our website/forums as I will be keeping a mirrors link underneath here

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