... a new mouse!

Previously i used a WMO, before moving to a 1.1a and finally a 3.0. I have no idea which i liked best but i have always hit around the same accuracies with all of them. I then tried the logitech mice which was a big no no... so i moved to the 3.0 wannabe; 'razer deathadder', which i have always hated but it has non-accel sensor and the drivers that have meant it has worked on all OS' and at all LAN's without effort (i can't count the amount of mouse related issues my teammates have had with other brands, especially microsoft, at lan!)

So i've marrowed my choices down to:

Steelseries XAI (see my previous thread)
Razer Imperator

Obviously i'm not really prepared to spend that much on a mouse, it's only a mouse.. right?! So i'll find other means in getting the prices down, but does anyone here have any thoughts on the Imperator?! i.e. Have you tried it?!

I've heard it uses the crappy phillips twin something sensor and it's awfully jittery in tracking... but it's a refined 3.0 shape, and as much as I deep down, hated the DA shape compared to a 3.0, i'm almost compelled to stick with razer since it has saved me so many hours!

I just need:

- no positive/negative accelleration
- no skipping
- no prediction
- drivers that remove all of the above and work on all windows OS' - both 32 and 64.