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Finally, my first biggest defrag project is done. It has tooked me nearly over 1 year of work with some breakís due to time and hard disk problems ;-)

Anyways, now to the movie.. you can expect really good quality (the intro/main & outro partís where captured at 400 - 600 fps), clear editing with smooth transitions, good sync and a nice choise of music, that as far as I know, havenít been used before.

I have decited to do a quite relaxed intro, followed by some sweet drum and bass songís. I have spend all my creativity and inspiration to show how nice defrag and drum and bass fitís together ;-) Just see for yourself.

I'm sorry to say that there is no HD version to download, only available in 720x480 (will be available for the second part for sure ;-))

All of the runís are done in cpm by my mate ďik.nLĒ and me "mat1c".

Now then, turn up your speakerís and enjoy!