Explanation: A streamlined GTV-like service in Quake Live for live viewing of competitive matches.
Priority: High

Explanation: Quake Live is in dire need of new and refreshing maps across all game modes. Ideally furnished by hosting mapping competitions and or allowing community maps to be played to some extent.
Priority: Very High

Tournament Mode Servers
Explanation: Create specific servers that run as tournament mode servers. These servers host automated mini tournaments with several maps playing simultaneously on the same server.
Priority: N/A

Premium Accounts
Explanation: The ability to start and manage private games and additional features for competition play.
Priority: N/A

Framerate Improvements
Explanation: Quake Live is built on over 10 year old source code and should run smoothly as demanded by todays competitive players. Still today people with high-end computer experience unstable and sometimes low FPS when they shouldn't.
Priority: N/A

Audio Improvements
Explanation: The current sound engine lacks giving positional sound informating. It should be possible to determine if the enemy is above or below you, and the distance. Also there's a sound dropping issue.
Priority: Medium

Minor Issues
Proper wide-screen support
One-line chat window

Minor Additions
More statistical data & analysis.
Armor stats
Better public game team balancing
Vote-kick to free last spectator slot on public servers.
Comprehensive GUI
Better browser demo support