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Excessive Speed - Quake 3 Arena movie based on ExcessivePlus modification is my third Q3 Arena movie and
seventh movie I have done over all. I began my film adventure while playing Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. However, those ET
short clips are not really worth watching.
The purpose of this movie is to promote the best (pure subjectivism) Q3 Arena mod. Video does not contain any
names of frag authors because it is not exactly the point of this release. Frankly, I have to admit that there is only a few players
that actually appear in first pov. (mainly me). The real meaning of this movie is to present all kind of situations that could possibly occur during
the game regardless on whether they were very spectacular or not.
While creating this video I followed the three main rules. First one is high Speed, several third povs and fast changes between
perspectives. In theory that makes movie a bit more complicated but after all a whole project gains a lot of its effectiveness.
Secondly, position clips in appropiate order. It is always a challenge if it comes to this aspect but I truly hope that this movie will
be way more enjoyable than my previous project ‘Infinity’.
Thirdly and finally, avoid random visual effects. I have seen a lot of professional movies as well as amateur ones and this time I
put all efforts to do something new and original. For instance, by filling up the video with only those effects that fit into every
single clip properly.
Another thing that is critical for me is very precise synchronization. I love the movies where so called "small events" like
incredible frags or fast transitions between clips are bound with sound (bass) "kicks" in the background. I gave all my best to
keep entire project in this style.
About the general quality. It is decent but when we take into account other productions that came out lately it turns into average.
Unfortunately I could not make it higher than 1280x800 resolution because of my limited hardware possibilities but hopefully it
will be sufficient.
Excessive Speed took me much longer than all previous projects. I spent a lot of time thinking about all kind of
details as well as general idea about the whole. It has been more or less 4 months including short breaks caused by rl
stuff since I made this decision about starting project. Right now I am very happy it is coming to its end.
I will be grateful if you inform your friends about this movie because as it has been mentioned before the main purpose of this
video is to promote ExcessivePlus mod. I look forward to meet new players. New members of the whole E+ community that
could guarantee us staying alive for a long time.
If you have any questions feel free to send me a message.
Greetings \o