Today compLexity Gaming just announced the addition of a new player in their Quake Live roster in the name of Netherlands Sander "Vo0" Kaasjager. As they truly believe Quake Live will get a big year in 2010, the MVP of the CPL World Tour 2005 would represent a great asset in their team along with United States of America Brian "dkt" Flander.

The famous Dutch FPS player who now lives with his fiancée in Texas, USA, will see his first tournament as a coL player next week in the IEM4 AC Finals. Here is his comment:
After a year long absence from the Quake scene I have decided to return. I moved to the USA to attend university and be with my fiancée, therefore it only makes sense to play for an American organization. compLexity is just the right choice as they are the number one American team right now, and I thank them for giving me an opportunity to play with their team.

Source: compLexity Gaming