According to a new book by two lecturers at the University of Texas, the 'netherworld of female sexuality' as Freud called it seems to have been illuminated by a small light.

The research in which 1,000 women have been asked about the reasons for sleeping with a man, gave a colorful array of answers, some of them unexpected ones.

'To relieve the boredom - because it's easier than fighting. To give me something to do.'

Bargaining power: In return for a household chore

'Because it's the closest thing to God'

'I slept with a couple of guys because I felt sorry for them'

Financial motives: 'Because he bought me a nice dinner'

'I have sex with my boyfriend to make my sexual skills better'

To relieve a migraine or stress headache

With an unattractive man - because low testosterone attracts women by suggesting the man is less likely to cheat

College separation: 'Life is too shor to be waiting four years to have sex again'

Some reviewers of the book said that this is proof that women don't really 'feel sex' and have very specific reasons to engage in sexual acticivity that are linked to profit and direct use.

I find that amazingly stupid. Why would a woman have sex if she didn't have a sexual impetus?

The title of the book is "Why women have sex", not "Why do women have sex?"