Scheduled: 15:00 CDT, 11 October 2009 to 17:00 CDT, 11 October 2009
Schedule: Passed

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Live On Three #30 with United States of America djWHEAT, United States of America SirScoots, and United States of America Slasher will feature United States of America Jarod "StreetRunner" Resin as the featured guest to discuss The AGP and answer questions from the audience.

The AGP has seen both positive and negative feedback since the launch in late September. On this week's LO3, Jarod will join us to discuss his vision for the AGP and the impact the recent vote will have on players, tournaments, and the organization. During the interview the hosts be fielding questions from show chat and open up the phones for the audience to grill him about every aspect of the AGP, including the membership fee, choosing Quake Live as the flagship game, the differences between the AGP and the G7, conflict of interest in running tournaments while also being a players association, and the long term goals of the AGP. Also on the show will be SK Gaming's Sweden Dennis "walle" Wallenberg to talk about the team's latest victory at IEM Chengdu with their new lineup.

We will also be discussing the Dubai event and the invites announced, along with our early picks, as well as the IEM North American groups.

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