I already started this thread in the QL forums but all i got was "hahah stop crying fag get along with it". What i want is a discussion what is better for gameplay, hitbeepsound 1 or 2/3, what is definitly not possible in that forum.

I just quote myself with the important lines of it:
(I left out some offense words of mine which were written in emotion)

"Spamming is a great aspect of the game, in almost every gamemode. Bringing the Hitsound 2/3 in it makes it double as effective, since you can, without seeing or hearing the opponent, exactly tell how much health he lost.
Before the change, i had to see how far my rocket or nade strucked near the enemy. It required skill to know that. Spamming in not visible areas of the map and hearing the beep indicates you a hit, but not knowing how much damage did it. This was completely ok this way, since you had no effective advantage (because for a particular one you had to see how it struck him). On the other side, trying to lure the enemy by letting you hit some nades in a controlled distance was a tactical component of the game. Now, it is waste of health.
For example duel on ztn, op 1 at gl op 2 at mh waiting for it. Op1 will clearly spam nades to it. Before the change, you could not tell if the op2 took a mh without significant damage or not. Now, if op1 did good hits, he knows it and will immediatly start to hunt op2 down the fastest possible way.
In Clanarena its even worse since everyone starts with a fixed amount of hp."

Some may argue that hitsounds itself were a big mistake since they provided you informations of hits without los. I disagree with that, knowing that you actually hit the enemy somehow is not as effective as knowing how much damage i did. "I know he had mega and ya, was that rocket a direct hit and can i engage him in this and this way with ra or shall go more tactical?" Now its: "-100hp great lets go pwn him". Same with infights around corners.

Another argument against was that its okay since everyone can use it, and if i dont like should just stick to the old hitsounds. Ofc this argument is stupid, since everyone will surely use it because of the advantage you get. So i have to use it, too.

Now i would like to hear the opinion of ESR.