Head admin Belgium chatfragger decided to go for the 4th Stickrunners Q3CTF OSP season. "Even if only 4 clans sign up," he says, "we will fight till the very end! Quake 3 turns 10 years in December and we’ll still be around by then."

Signups are open. The league format is likely to be the same as the summer cup. That is 4v4 by default and 5v5 if both clans agree. Games are again planned for Sundays on the XS4ALL servers :)

You know the drill to join: send him a mail at chatfragger@fastmail.fm with the clan name, contact person and lineup.

We’re scheduled to start on Sunday October 4th.

Website: stickrunners.com. - GTV: Netherlands gtv.stickrunners.com - IRC: mIRC #Stickrunners