I need suggestions.
Prefably low latency and simple design.

I'm currently using a Logitech Illuminated keyboard.
not really a gaming board, but it's ok. the spacebare bugs me as its a bit hard so when I type it sometimes doesn't register cuz itneeds to be pushed all the way down. odd, as it seems ok on the right side but not on the left.

I did try a razer lycosa board. was very pleased with it as it had low latency, but as with all razer products I've tried (3 mouses) the buttons really suck. i counted 8 keys that was very hard to push down, and almost didn't work unless you pushed the key down at the lower part of it. I now have a case going on with the shop I bought it at as they claimed it was flawless.

I was thinking of an everglide keyboard, but was a bit put off by the 'powered by razer' tag. also, it's not available where I live.

any suggestions?