I have a Steelpad 4S, and S&S (old logo) for sale.

Both are rare, unfindable in the 4S' case.
Anyone who wants to buy after the auction end, email me at MikeMK4@aol.com

I don't expect many people will come a knocking, as these aren't even selling on eBay. (currently posted on eBay, yet they never sell)

Asking price for the 4S is $30
and for the S&S $25
Shipping would be $7

Willing to negotiate.
Please consider the rarity of these items though, I do think these are fair prices.

These are great mouse pads, and shouldn't go to waste.

Steelpad 4S (glide and durability just as good as the icemat, but without the skipping and tracking issues)

Steelpad S&S

No reserve