Yeay! Hi folk whats up?

Ok guys first, its my first Journal here, and now you think "ey whats up with you?".
Im Luc1feR, 16 years old and i live near Cologne. Also i come from the Enemy Territory
and Quake Wars scene. But this is not my topic of my Journal, the think is: There is an New
Quake Live Team in the scene, a Team with a dream, we will be one of the best in
the Quake scene, yes u read right "one of the best". Impossible for us unknow people?
No! Ok we are not so good like fact, MiEL, D or some other. I know these Teams
are very skilled, but ok we try it and we will rock it!
So what can i tell you about this brand new Team? I think i start with some infomations
about "blank". Blank is a multigaming Clan supported by Speedlink, Roccat and NGZ.
We have a CS 1.6 EPS, FIFA EPS and a CS Female Team ofc with sexy girls :D The new Quake Live Squad was born on thursday (21.4). Our Lineup for TDM is:

Quake Live

Germany Luc1feR (Captain)
Germany iNzaNitY
Germany NeToxic
Germany reqDy^
Germany matr1x

Also we got a very special 1on1 only Team:

Quake 3

Ukraine stalker
France unity

So for first that was all what can i tell you about us.
For more informations join and idle: #blank.ql @ QuakeNet

And dont forget

pump IT! rock IT! move IT! BLANK IT!

see ya! :)