Hello fellow ESR readers! My name is Mexico claw, I'm new to the site and I would like to mention something very exciting that is being organized in the scene of Quakeworld. I am the admin of the Fusion QWCA League which basically started from scratch. I loaded up Quake1 after seeing all the new updates that have been made from the community and it made me realize that we haven't had a clan arena league in a while. Now this was just a small venture to get a few clans in USA since thats where I play mostly. But after venturing into different networks and clans I decided to make it a world wide affair.

In the span of 2 weeks, this has gone from rumor, to webpage, to getting servers up in USA, Europe, Brazil, Chile, Australia. The league is setup so that each clan in each division plays primarily against clans in the division, but of course to spice things up were going to have intercontinental play where every month 1 or 2 matches will be played. That means a clan from USA might play a clan from Brazil, or a clan from Europe or a clan from Australia.

Also we are working on a current clan arena mod that is going to have nice nice nice goodies. This mod is just being tailored for league play which has nice options. There is a nice variety of maps to be played, some which range from the original quake1 maps, a quake 2 map, a quake 3 map, and a few others. So everyone that plays any other game should give this a try so we can have lots of teams and players. My goal is to try to have an organized league so that maybe perhaps we can get recognized and have serious competitions sponsored, its a long shot but this is where it starts.

More infos: Website - mIRC #qwca.fusion - Install Quake!