The jury selected the top nine movies for each category of the Games Mini Video Contest sponsored by Dell and the community portals opened a vote for their designated categories. Everyone can vote for his/her favorite until the 9th March - the winners will be announced the day after. The community's votes will be weighted 50:50 with the jury's votes to determine the contest winners.
Every community Portal will raffle a Dell Mini 9 Notebook among the voters.

The top 9 videos in the Quake category:

Joint Deviance - by Germany Bernd “Bliccer” M.
Contact - by Lithuania Denisas “Sinex” C.
Moment - by Hungary Péter “mccormic” K.
Journey - by Germany Matthias “kekskruemel” B.
Quake Lessons - by Hungary Thomas “c3llux” B.
The Last Stand - by Germany Markus “keller” U.
back2oldsql - by Germany Patrick “dKsL” S.
Special - by Andrey Germany “FlaT” S.
Why so serious? - by Serbia Djordje “zeroql” S.

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