EDIT: I got a good response from this post, but the teams were simply not ready, after the WSW tourney and the timing of the holidays on this weekend, I've decided to arrange a more suitable time for this exhibition match. I will announce a new time as soon as I confirm a better day for both teams.

TourneyCPM is holding two CPM CTF 4v4 exhibition matches before the beginning of the cups: North-American and European. Tonight (18:00 CST, 15 February 2009), the first match will feature the following American teams:

Team Kevegm - Canada TheMafia , United States of America lolograde, United States of America kvcxn, United States of America cosmos
Team Paramedics - Canada xerosawyer, Canada bgs, United States of America skreem, United States of America wonko and Japan dai

GTV, Shoutcasting and ventrilo will be available, keep your eyes on the site for more details. The signups are still open for those who are looking for a team, and captains who are looking for more team mates.

Next week the European exhibition match should take place, but only one team stepped forward already. Please contact me in #tourneycpm on QuakeNet if you wish to compete in this match.

Website: tourneycpm.mrlazyinc.com - IRC: mIRC #tourneycpm
To find more teams and team mates join: United States of America #uscpmpickup & Europe #cpmpickup