The Frag Dominant Quake 3 2v2 Cup final two matches are here. After 4 weeks of matches the #1 (griffin & bLt) and #2 (walter & kgb) seeds have survived their opponents to face off in the finals. The winners will leave with over $1,800 in prizes while the losers will not go empty handed and have a nice prize pack for their efforts. While a 3rd place prize set will be fought over by #6 seed, plague and whaz, and unseeded cha0ticz and hoens.

Final: kgb & walter 2-0 bLt & griffin (demos: ospdm6, q3dm7)

3rd Place Match: plague & whaz 2-0 cha0ticz & hoens (demos: pro-q3dm6, q3dm7)

More infos: Prize list - Interviews with players - Demos - Brackets

mIRC #FD.Q3cup - GTV: