You may know Roccat from its sponsorship of the Finland Team Roccat Counter-Strike squad, but what you may not know is that it has recently released a new mouse called the Kone.

Shaped ergonomically for right-handers, the Kone seeks to challenge the MS/Logi/Razer hegemony in the gaming mouse market.

Here's an excerpt from our review:

A majority of the Kone is covered with rubberized plastic that should help your grip. Underneath, you will find an ample amount of teflon surrounding the weight insert and sensor. One thing to note about the sensor: it’s almost dead-center on the mouse, unlike the sensors on some other gaming mice these days.

Depending on your style, this can be good or bad–gamers who hold the mouse with the palm but articulate at the wrist as well will probably like it, as inside and outside motions made with the wrist will result in similar curves of the cursor.

Good? Bad? You decide.

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