The final matches of the GameStar League have been played today. kindly offered a Live Stream and we were able to see how Germany mouz|kiLLu won the Consolation Final against France dignitas\GoHLinK.

Germany mouz|kiLLu vs. France dignitas\GoHLinK
DM-Gritt: 16:8
DM-Penetrated: 12:18
DM-Deck: 15:9

In the Grand Final, Germany kiLLu had to play vs Croatia maj0 who already eliminated Germany mouz|daddy and also won the Winnerbracket final vs. France GoHLinK. Croatia maj0, however, had no problem with beating the german and won the match and the tournament.

Croatia maj0 vs. Germany mouz|kiLLu
DM-Deck: 4:2
DM-Penetrated: 33:15

Final Standing
1st: Croatia maj0 - 1500 euros + hardware worth of 1250 euros
2nd: Germany mouz|kiLLu - 1000 euros + hardware worth of 750 euros
3rd: France dignitas\GoHLinK - 500 euros + hardware worth of 500 euros
4th: Germany mouz|daddy - 250 euros

After the match, Germany gam was able to catch Germany kiLLu for a short statement where he revealed that this match might have been the last of his UT career. Croatia maj0 on the other hand gave props to the administration staff and he also said that he expected the final matches to be a bit more closer.